The Ikonika Corp eSea marine alarm and control system is a distributed monitoring and control system. Its flexible architecture allows it to be used for a wide range of tasks within offshore industry, safety, and vessel control systems. The primary and standalone systems that cover all important functions onboard a vessel, such as: Power management, Auxiliary machinery control, Cargo monitoring and control

  • Engine Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Generator Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Fire alarms
  • Bilge alarms
  • Chillers

The ESEA systems are built from modular hardware components and modular application software. Any number of these modules can be combined to provide an optimal solution for a specific vessel’s requirements.

Main Switchboard & Power Monitoring Systems

Ikonika Corp offers a wide array of equipment for low-voltage applications including generator control, distribution, and outdoor switchgear.

Depending on the application, our products can be built to various UL standards.

Our major strength is in how we put these wholly manufactured products together to create a Custom system for your unique Customers.

We further enhance our system packages by customizing a variety of off-the-shelf products from different standard equipment manufacturers

UL Listings

UL-508 (Industrial Control Panels)

UL-891 (Dead Front Switchboards)

Process Automation and Control System

ESEA® automated solutions are installed on ships of many sizes and purposes, from simple process machine system control to centralized monitoring and control consoles for a variety of marine and industrial factories.

Our goal is for the operator to have total control of the processing factory. We concentrate hard and, make sure our custom PLC programs are continually monitoring the state of the factory and operates safety features at its best.

  • Typical System Installations
  • PLC Programming and Troubleshooting
  • HMI Programming and Factory Layout of SCADA
  • Controls of Variable Frequency Drivers over EtherNet/IP
  • Pump, Valve, and Other System Controls
  • Remote System Access

Controllable Pitch Propeller System

Digital System for Vessels with Controllable Pitch Propellers

  • Drop in propulsion control and instrumentation plates
  • Speed control / load sharing
  • Pitch control / load control
  • Electric shaft control heads
  • Safety interlocks
  • Redundant and fault tolerant control systems

Multi-functional display and horn at each station provide:

  • Station transfer
  • System monitoring
  • Keypad setup
  • Self diagnostics
  • Data logging