About Us

IKONIKA is a Washington State based S-Corporation, whose members have worked and managed projects in the US and Internationally.  Established in 1998, our Company quickly came into existence, virtually, by “Positive Word-of-Mouth” advertising through our happy and diversified clientele base.  As we grew, so did our technical accomplishments.  Our new and repeat customers are satisfied by the way we strive for job affordability, quality, safety and workmanship while honoring our client’s project timelines.  Our employees are carefully selected and recognize the importance of product integrity and service.

  1. Perfection in Automation also means we put all of our knowledge and creativity into developing products that become trendsetting innovations.
  2. At Ikonika Corp,  this means offering our customers a complete automation solution that provides maximum flexibility and economic efficiency.
  3. From customized products to large-scale series production, meeting our customers’ needs is our main focus.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Open and modular system concept for quick and easy customer-specific system adaptation also during commissioning or in operation
  • Consistent software engineering with a comprehensive package of preprogrammed standard functions
  • Decentralized system layout, redundant communication structure and system-internal monitoring and safety functions for maximum reliability
  • Large selection of flexibly configurable, multisignal-compliant I/O components for measured data acquisition and processing
  • Convenient visualization and signal configuration


  • We do not consider relationships with our customers and suppliers to be short-term or one-off situations.
  • We look for partnerships based on lasting trust and a high level of expertise.
  • Loyalty, trust and confidence in all areas are the hallmarks of a good, effective partnership.